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Step into our peaceful world of plants, fountains, and beauty, knowing you be well supported by our very experienced and caring staff. Our focus is to assist patients to return to their original state of vitality and well being while also going at the pace each individual presents. We offer a full selection of care within the framework of Chinese medicine including Chinese herbal formulas, moxabustion, cupping, gua sha, Qi Kung therapy, and hot stone massage. Acupuncture styles include traditional, Five Element, and auricular. Additional  support is also available through our extensive referral list developed through 15 years of working in the Rogue Valley. It is our honor to serve each person’s journey to recovering their full potential.




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Leslie Shanai began her career in the healing arts in 1989 via extensive training in diagnostic style massage therapy at Hawaiian Island school of Body Therapies. During her training she also became a student teacher for the last year.

 Leslie Shanai continued deepening her skills as a health practitioner via acupuncture training. The impetus for this undertaking was inspired by the beginnings of a personal health transformation as a result of receiving acupuncture. A few years after graduating from Tai Hsuan Foundation College in 1996, Leslie Shanai became a professor for her Alma Mater for a total of 3 years. In 2002, Leslie Shanai moved to the Rogue Valley with her former husband, Chad Moyer, and baby daughter, Althea.
Leslie Shanai’s gift, in the realm of Chinese medicine, is in the art of pulse reading. Qi Kung training, especially taught by a Master, is a very important foundational piece to learn this very subtle art. Sensitivity to our own Qi is most directly developed by internal self study, also known as Qi Kung: the springboard for the birth of acupuncture.
 Leslie Shanai is able to significantly help people regain their vitality as a result of personally going through the fire of having poor health in her early years. Leslie Shanai’s  acupuncture teacher virtually transformed her life and without that invaluable support it is very clear that she would not have had sufficient health to bring a healthy daughter into this world. Leslie Shanai’s mission is to return this tremendous gift in the service of her own patients.
About Leslie Shanai’s Acupuncture school, *Tai Hsuan:
Dr.  Lily Chang Yi Hsiang is the founder of the school and is a 64th generation Taoist and Qi Kung master. Lily began her training into the six healing arts of China via a Taoist dr lily siou 1Monastery, where she lived full time, beginning at the age of six. The traditional methods Lily learned were passed down orally. This was significant for the times in that many important books of healing were destroyed during Mao’s reign. As a young woman Lily was given the honor to uphold the lineage and was instructed to move to the West to bring forth this important medicine. Lily chose Honolulu, Hawaii. After exploring Honolulu a little, Lily chose a large tree filled park near the ocean to begin performing Qi Kung. Lily received her first student that first day. After 6 months of teaching Qi Kung at beautiful Kapiolani Park, Lily now had 200 students. At that time she asked the class: “Who wants to learn more about the six healing arts of China?” Of those 200 students, 20 decided to go deeper, and so *Tai Hsuan was born. Since that initial first bunch of students *Tai Hsuan has continued to keep the classes small and intimate.

*Tai Hsuan currently goes by the name of World Medicine Institute

Acupuncture comes from a very old tradition and when we receive care in this medicine we also have the support of the lineage which has brought it into existence. It’s like getting to be part of a very wise family that takes us under their wing and shares knowledge that is beyond words.
Leslie Shanai has very much gratitude for both her acupuncture and massage teachers. They both gave tremendous support in helping her find a career she has passion and love for.

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Leslie Shanai has been in practice in the healing arts for over 29 years and has successfully treated 1000’s of patients. The reviews on the link above only reflect comments since her move in February 2016.