Leslie Shanai’s Prices and Packages

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These are the different price options (all are group style):
Single Acupuncture Treatment  $40.00
Initial Consultation and Treatment$80.00 (First time patients)
For first time patients- Consultation: history, exam, list of chief complaint(s) and desired goals, pulse and tongue diagnosis, practitioner recommendations (diet, lifestyle, etc.) Followed by acupuncture treatment, which includes moxabustion.
Single Acupuncture Treatment with 15 minutes of Hot Stone Therapeutic Massage$70.00
Single Acupuncture Treatment with Cupping –$60.00
The Tune-up Package-$160. (5 treatments)  You buy 4 sessions and get the 5th one free if used within 30 days. If the the free 5th sessions is not redeemed within 30 days, it is forfeit, but the 4 purchased sessions have no expiration date. If all sessions are used the cost works out to be $32 a treatment.
The Wellness Package – $300.00 (10 treatments) The wellness package offers the opportunity to save $100 by prepaying for 10 acupuncture sessions. This package has an expiration of 2 months. Any sessions not redeemed within that 2 month time limit may be redeemed for an additional $10 each.
15 minutes of Hot Stone Therapeutic Massage or Cupping when you have a package- an additional $20/$30 with an acupuncture treatment