Weight gain: sometimes it is also known as a “smart body” responding to a crisis.

Weight gain: sometimes it is also known as a “smart body” responding to a crisis.

Historically there are many causes for weight gain. In these modern times of high pollution there are more new causes cropping up. Adaptation is a necessary component in order for the human body to thrive, or even survive.

Mostly we have judgment about fat, thinking it is either a manifestation of someone eating too much, or not exercising enough. These days there is a significant additional cause.

Before the pregnancy of my daughter I was actually underweight. I was one of those people that ate a lot but could never gain weight. With the pregnancy I gained an additional 65 pounds, which is pretty significant considering I only weighed about 120 pounds to start. After my daughter was born I only lost 10 pounds, which probably consisted of the combined weight of baby and her “swimming pool”. With breast feeding the weight mostly stayed on, even with consistent daily exercise. I have eaten well my entire life so I was completely flummoxed as to the weight gain that was not disappearing. The only red flag was nursing my baby through the night: likely to have some cortisol surging happening. Once I weaned my daughter I did lose a little more weight, but still not anywhere near the amount that I needed in order to feel I was at my optimal weight.

After having a blood panel administered, complete with thyroid check, which nothing showed up to be the cause of the extra weight, I finally gave up. It appeared I would just have extra weight forever.

My Naturopathic Doctor, who is also my sister Bonnie Nedrow, helped finally solve the mystery. It has to do with this smart body I was born with.  I lived on the Kona side of the Big Island of Hawaii for 7 years, which has volcanic emissions in the air equivalent to L.A. smog on a bad day. One of the elements present is mercury gas, as it vaporizes fairly easily when next to hot lava. When I got pregnant my smart body encapsulated all of the heavy metals in the supreme insulator. You guessed it: fat! Once I gave birth, and baby was no longer in danger, my smart body decided it was actually better to keep me protected, by holding onto the fat for dear life. So there you have it.                                                                                            

I lost the weight eventually, via my sister’s help again, by taking her keto-adaptation class. Unlike myself, who follows a well worn trail complete with a lineage, my sister’s style is to be at the very tip of the arrow where new ideas are born. I am now very grateful to her dogged persistence in supporting me to take her class. Being keto-adapted has not only helped me to finally safely lose the weight, but also, even more importantly (really, really!) given my liver a very important new strategy for adapting to our very toxic world.

In a nutshell, becoming keto –adapted has to do with reintroducing a trick for the liver, which was lost with the introduction of modern diet. Carbohydrates, as we all know, are the easiest substances we consume that can be converted to energy. Next follows proteins. Insufficient intake to cover fuel and protein requirements means the body will break down muscle mass. The last on the list are fats, which are even more difficult to break down than muscle mass, unless the liver has been trained for fat utilization.  Because of this dynamic the body tends to hold out from burning anything but carbs (primarily) or protein, because it knows more are coming later, even if we skip a meal of such. The first step to reverse this pattern is to train the liver to make ketones. The second step is for the body to learn how to burn ketones. Once that happens the body is finally able to mobilize stored fat. The process of becoming keto-adapted is primarily utilized through diet that changes during each phase (4 total). I highly recommend utilizing this system via Dr. Bonnie’s E book*, as attempting this without her expert help can potentially be very dangerous. Because toxins are stored in the fat we need to have safe ways to both mobilize and release out of the system. Dr. Bonnie has extensive experience in helping people remove toxins safely via a variety of natural methods. Consultations are also available, via skype for personalized assistance.

The truth is that I did receive Bonnie’s class for no charge, as you might have guessed. However, my health has been so dramatically optimized by becoming keto-adapted that I would recommend it to almost everyone. Our world is becoming more and more toxic, with no end in sight, and therefore we must come up with new strategies to help our bodies stay functioning at the level life intended for us.

My experience of Chinese medicine is that it is observation based and also fairly logical once you understand the language. My focus as an acupuncturist is to take the basic principles of Chinese medicine and put them through the lens of modern times. I feel that one of the most challenging aspects for the person living today is how to incorporate modern lifestyle without losing sight of the fact that we are still at the effect of Nature. We are, after all, animals as far as our bodies go. Controlling Nature can only go so far. There are huge expressions of misfire in this arena: pesticides and antibiotics are two pretty good examples. It is my view that, in order to survive as a species, we will need to synthesize ancient wisdom with leading- edge new innovations. Creativity is the human specialty. As long as we attempt to stay integrated with Nature I feel we have the potential to solve any problem. Thriving, not just surviving, is our birth right.

Dr. Bonnie’s E book: keto-cleanse.com

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