Embracing fear leads to courage

Embracing fear leads to courage


Courage held hands with Fear

And said:

“you have a place here.”

And Fear sighed and relaxed

allowing courage to lead,

mutual wisdom springing forth

as their connectedness became unveiled,

joining forces,

expanding possibilities.

Saying Yes!

To all that Life brings,

Requires courage

And a tremendous amount of sincere self love.

When I was a young woman I was very afraid of heights. My brother helped me challenge this fear by first having me jump off the dock into the river, near his house. We are talking about a height of 5 feet. Within a couple of weeks I graduated to cliff jumping into a large lake. This time the height was closer to 35 to 40 feet. Every time I jumped off the cliff I was terrified: no amount of repetition banished the fear.

However, I learned a very important thing about myself in the process. I discovered that I could do something even though I was very afraid. That is my personal definition of courage.

When scary health issues pop up there are two ways we can go with it. We can succumb to the fear and do nothing, or we can use the fear to stimulate courage. Having help from others can be very useful also, as fear can set up doubt, leading to no action.

Sometimes health issues have a backdrop of something hidden from view, or are emotionally rooted, based on past trauma. For these types of scenarios it is useful to get additional support beyond modalities that are strictly focused on the physical aspects. Depending on the practitioner, acupuncture is inclusive of dynamics beyond the physical. However, for myself personally, I am aware that there are other means of support that may have a quicker resolution, depending on the patient and their personal picture.

One tool I have found invaluable is Bert Hellinger’s Constellation work facilitated specifically by Emily Waymire*. I have experienced many practitioners in the area and, in my humble opinion, Emily far surpasses all.

Another tool that has been personally very helpful is Re-evaluation counseling. It was founded in the 50’s by a man named Harvey Jackon and has the foundational piece that all hurts happen in isolation and then are re-stimulated throughout our lives.

The solution? In a nutshell, it mostly involves receiving loving attention, present time. I have found it to be exceptionally powerful therapy as it is designed to empower me to see the solution for myself and to discharge any distress that is still lingering from the past. Another plus is that it requires a brief training and then is absolutely free. Re-evaluation counseling is also available most places in the world. When the next training class is offered I will keep you posted via this website.

The best self love we can give ourselves is to heal our bodies, our hearts, our spirits, and our minds. This takes tremendous courage and a willingness to first see, and then acknowledge, fear that arises. The rewards, however, are fairly priceless and give meaning and true value to our lives.

*Emily Waymire: movementsofthesoul.org