Leslie Shanai Moyer LAc Bio

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Leslie Shanai began her career in the healing arts in 1989 via extensive training in diagnostic style massage therapy at Hawaiian Island school of Body Therapies. During her training she also became a student teacher for the last year.
 Leslie Shanai began her studies into the 6 healing arts of China after receiving help from an acupuncturist for a chronic health issue. A few years after graduating Tai Hsuan Foundation Collage in 1996, Leslie Shanai became a professor for her Alma Mater for a total of 3 years. In 2002, Leslie Shanai and Chad (and their baby daughter) moved to Ashland to begin a shared practice. In 2007, Leslie Shanai and Chad, co-founded the first group style acupuncture center in the Rogue Valley: People’s Choice.
Leslie Shanai’s gift, in the realm of Chinese medicine, is in the art of pulse reading. Qi Kung training, especially taught by a Master, is the foundation required to become adept at pulse reading. Sensitivity to our own Qi is developed by internal self study, also known as Qi Kung. Acupuncture came into existence via Qi Kung and is therefore a very important component to developing good diagnostic skills.